Meet Thumbelina, The Rescue Squirrel Who Was Given Another Chance

Meet Thumbelina, The Rescue Squirrel Who Was Given Another Chance –

This tiny little being was presented to wildlife rehabbers Christina and Michael after the mother left her nest and never came back. She wasn’t alone, however. She showed up with a sister who sadly passed away several hours after being brought indoors from the freezing cold. There was still hope for this little one.


Little Thumbelina Girl/Facebook

Christina and Michael typically do their best to ensure that all squirrel rescues make their way back into the wild- but things were a little bit different with Thumbelina.


Little Thumbelina/Facebook

Because she was rescued at such a young age, she didn’t have the time to bond and grow with her own kind. So Christina and Michael felt it best to raise her on their own.


Little Thumbelina Girl/Facebook

Her development was a little bit slower than other rescues Christina and Michael have handled. It took longer for her eyes to open, and she preferred to cuddle and play with her new ‘parents’ rather than exploring and running around like other squirrels do.


Little Thumbelina Girl/Facebook

Because she didn’t grow up with other squirrels, she is still afraid of them. She’s even afraid of her own reflection. According to her owners: “She probably thinks that she is not a squirrel herself.”



While she may not be living the traditional squirrel life, she’s certainly happy with her current situation. She loves to eat sugar snap peas, arugula and avocado.



Life’s good for little Thumbelina.



Just chillin’ in some spinach.






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