Mini Horse Struts, Prances, And MOONWALKS In Adorable Video

Mini Horse Struts, Prances, And MOONWALKS In Adorable Video –


R&R Ranch is a safe haven for miniature horses.

The special home for 17 miniature horses with difficult pasts sits on 23 beautifully wooded acres in Chesterfield, MO.

Their mission is to increase public awareness in miniature horses while also educating people on the proper treatment and care required when owning one.

“There is a strong trend right now where people often objectify them as cutesy, kids toys,” R&R Ranch’s website states. “This thought process ultimately leads to miniature horses needlessly suffering due to neglect once an owner no longer wants to do the work necessary to care for the horse. Even worse, the cycle continues and spreads as these horses are bred by uneducated owners, even though they may mean well. ”

One way they help raise awareness is by posting the most adorable videos ever on social media.

This is a brand new video of a mini horse named Martha. She’s so happy that she can’t stop strutting, prancing, and… moonwalking!

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