Momma Elk Saves Baby From Bear Cub

Momma Elk Saves Baby From Bear Cub – 

A very touching moment was caught on camera by a couple of visitors in a national park in the United States. At first they thought they were watching an adolescent bear cub rummaging for food in a bunch of fallen branches, as a female elk approaches it. As the cub swings its paw through the branches, a baby elk screams in terror, frightened by the predator in front of it.
The cub notices the mother and climbs the near by tree for a moment, but as the mother walks back, the bear climbs down and makes a second attempt for its prey.
Watch as the mother makes a jump for her baby’s life and kicks the bear in the muzzle, scaring it off just enough for the baby elk to make a run for it! Such a heartwarming and brave moment!
It is not unheard of for a bear to hunt elk when winter is just around the corner. Where food is scarce, bears, especially grizzlies, have been known to hunt down the young of bigger animals, such as elk and bison, to survive the harsh weather.

Source: Momma elk saves baby from bear cub by ViralHog on Rumble

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