Moose Stuck In Window Well Rescued By Colorado Wildlife Workers

Moose Stuck In Window Well Rescued By Colorado Wildlife Workers –



A moose ran afoul of a window well last weekend and needed both Colorado Wildlife workers and the local fire department to get him out.

It’s still winter, and that means moose are still wandering around in Colorado. Actually, moose tend to wander all year-round, but in the winter, their wandering can sometimes get them into trouble.

For example, when they wander a little too close to a home with a large window well on their bottom floor.

According to Mike Porras, a Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokesperson, a young bull moose fell into a home’s 5-foot window well sometime last Saturday evening. It’s believed that the snow obscured the window well enough that the moose didn’t quite see it as a deep hole that it could tumble into. Which it did.

After arriving at the scene, Wildlife workers tranquilized the poor young moose and then considered their options. The moose was estimated to weigh anywhere from 800 to 1,000 lbs, so simply carrying him out of the window well by hand was out of the question. Without much of a plan, they called in the fire department, Summit Fire and EMS.

Truck 11 arrived on the scene at around midnight, and after having a short laugh at the moose’s expense, they got to work setting up a pulley and winch system that could remove the unconscious cervine.

In total, it took 30-35 people and roughly six hours to get the moose out of the well, although the fire team was on the scene for only two of those hours. By 2 a.m. on Sunday, the moose was free and Parks and Wildlife workers administered a counteragent to the tranquilizer. Then the moose perked up and was on his merry way.

“We’re thankful none of that happened and that we were able to get it out successfully,” Porras said, adding a big thanks to Summit Fire and EMS. He also suggested that Coloradans get some sort of cover for their window wells over the winter months to prevent this sort of thing from happening again.

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