Octopus Memory Test – How Well Do They Remember

Octopus Memory Test – How Well Do They Remember –


How well does an octopus remember? Not much is known about their memory. Some say they have a terrific memory while others state that their long term memory (more than 30 seconds) is terrible. In today’s experiment, we’ll be placing 4 tubes in the experiment tank. We will place a small fish in one of them. The holes will be large enough to allow him to fit an arm through in order to retrieve the food, yet small enough to prevent him from seeing it. We ran this experiment for 15 days always placing the fish in the same tube to see if he would remember where he usually finds his snack.



The octopus is a very curious animal and can’t resist poking around when he finds a hole. In many of the scenes you will notice he places multiple arms simultaneously in the holes. However, try to see if he is favoring a certain one. This experiment is is by no means going to give us conclusive results but it was interesting to run and does appear to give us some insight on how good his memory is. We’ll continue to run this experiment along with many, many more memory experiments.

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