Offspring Of A Tiny Pomeranian And A Giant Mastiff Looks Appropriately Ridiculous

Offspring Of A Tiny Pomeranian And A Giant Mastiff Looks Appropriately Ridiculous –



It’s not uncommon for dogs to mate with different breeds; in fact, it can lead to some interesting (and highly desired) mixes, like the Labradoodle—the cross between a Labrador retriever and a poodle, or the cockapoo— a mix between a cocker spaniel and a poodle.

While some pairings seem unlikely, they’re not impossible—as you can see with one huge mastiff named Coco and her tiny Pomeranian-Chihuahua mix companion, Bailey. These are definitely two dogs you wouldn’t ever think would even be able to have mate, but when you meet their little one, you might not believe your eyes!

Crossbreeding between dog species is common. One crossbreed people can’t seem to get enough of is the Labradoodle—a cross between a Labrador retriever and a poodle. As adorable as he is, you won’t believe how much cuter these crossbreeds can get…

In 2014, Malachi Ferdinand of England was stunned when his female mastiff, Coco, gave birth to a puppy. It was a shock not just because he didn’t realize Coco was pregnant, but because the father of the new pup was his other dog, Bailey—a tiny Chihuahua-Pomeranian mix!

Malachi was excited to meet the little guy—whom he named Nemo—but he took a moment to recover from the surprise! Unsurprisingly, Bailey and Coco’s puppy looked just about as unconventional as one would expect from such a strange mix.

Nemo was deemed perfectly healthy and normal after a visit with the vet. He has his dad’s “yappy bark,” but he gets most of his looks from his mom. Malachi says the unusual family turns a lot of heads when they go out in public, but as odd-looking as they may be, they’re also incredibly cute! 

If you thought Malachi’s dog was an interesting mix of breeds, you won’t believe the other fascinating crossbreeds out there. Take this pooch for example. The breed is called a spitzky, which is a mix between a German spitz and a husky.

This gorgeous canine is a horgi—a mix between a husky and a Pembroke Welsh corgi. The husky is most prominent in the mesmerizing light blue eyes and coloring of the dog on the right, but the stubby legs and rounded ears on the guy to the left are all corgi!

This wrinkly little fella is a cross between a Basset hound and a Shar-Pei. The body clearly resembles the low-to-the-ground Basset hound, but the folds in the face and upper body are a dead giveaway that he’s part Shar-Pei.


What we have here is a schnoodle! It’s a mix between a schnauzer and… you guessed it: a poodle! The curly fur on top of her head resembles the fur of a poodle, but her coloring and fluffy mustache are that of a schnauzer.

The fur coloring on this gorgeous canine is clearly from her Dalmatian half, but her body is very different than the standard Dalmatian breed. That’s because she also has corgi in her. She’s known as a corgi-Dalmatian!

If you think this adorable pooch’s face looks somewhat like a pug, you’re right! This guy is a breed called bullpug. It’s a mix of a pug, which you can see in the face, and the body is that of an English bulldog.

It looks like this pooch got into a brawl with a curling iron and lost! The curly hair on this guy belongs to a poodle, but his large stature is all Saint Bernard. Put those breeds together and you have yourself a Saint Berdoodle!

Don’t the innocent eyes on this pooch look so adorable? This breed has the coloring of a French bulldog but the body and face of a German Shepherd, and it the breed is known as a bulldog shepherd, which seems pretty self-explanatory.

Walking a dog like this around town would certainly turn some heads. What breeds go into making this big-cheeked fella? He’s called a Cocker-Pei. He’s a mix of a cocker spaniel and a Shar-Pei.

This white, gray, and black ball of fluff is a mix between an Australian shepherd and a Pomeranian, and it’s called an Aussiepom. Those beautiful shades certainly give them a playful appearance.

Who wouldn’t want this little ball of fur to hang out on their lap? The small fluffy body in this mixed breed belongs to a Pomeranian, and you can’t help but admire those hypnotic blue eyes that come from a husky.

Most people know who the grumpiest cat is, but this guy here could be the world’s grumpiest dog! What you’re looking at is known as a Chug! Breed a Chihuahua and a pug, and he’s the outcome!

Are you interested in owning a dog who has the sweet face of a husky but the incredible fluffiness of a chow chow? Well, you’re in luck the chusky breed exists. Spending time with her would be like babysitting a massive cotton ball!

The spots on this little guy’s body are a dead giveaway that half of this mix is Dalmatian, but can you guess what else he is? If you looked at his body shape and guessed dachshund, you’re right! This breed is known as a Dalmachshund.

How adorable is this lovely lady? Waking up to this face every morning would never get old! This breed is known as a dachi. They have the elongated body of a dachshund, and the face of your favorite Taco Bell mascot: a Chihuahua!

This is a mix known as a golden dox, and you might wonder where such an elegant name comes from. This squat little character is half golden retriever, half dachshund, and all cute!

At four years old, Nemo is now twice as large as Bailey. (Coco has also been spayed to prevent this kind of surprise from happening again.) Despite their odd looks, they sure are one happy family!

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