One Simple Invention – Lots Of Saved Animal Lives

One Simple Invention – Lots Of Saved Animal Lives – 

Wildlife biologist Rich Mason created this mini life raft for pools called FrogLog to save animals who got themselves caught in the waters of a pool.

In 2004 Rich Mason had a friend who found 53 dead frogs in her pool

Saddened by this, he started working on a device that could help these poor critters climb to safety

His first trials of the product were highly successful, saving more than 50 frogs

He adjusted it by swapping the foam for an inflatable platform, and began selling the device

“What a special human you are… caring about [these] seemingly insignificant lives…”

Snakes, mice, and even birds have all been saved by FrogLogs across North America

Every creature, no matter how small, deserves a chance to survive, and now hundreds more will

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