People Shared Stories About The Kindest Thing An Animal Has Done For Them

Someone on Reddit asked the question, “What is the kindest thing an animal has ever done for you?”

The responses are beautiful.


“My dog found me overdosing, went and found my girlfriend and dragged her upstairs. She still tells me this story years later. She also told me he wouldn’t let the paramedics anywhere near me, so maybe he was just excitedly trying to show her that I was dying and it would just be the two of them from now on. Either way, I figure I owe him one.”


“My parents rescued a cat when I was just two weeks old. She decided I was her kitten and looked after me like her own. When I was crying she used to sit up on her hind legs, put her paws on my shoulder, meow in a concerned way, and lick my face. She slept in my bed every night until she passed away when I was 14. RIP Rosa, my other mother.”


“After each round of chemotherapy I went through, my two cats took turns staying with me 24/7 for several days afterwards. When one would get down from my lap or my side, the other would snuggle in their place. My husband said they did this even while I was sleeping. The level of devotion that they displayed was absolutely heartwarming.”


“Not me but when I was about 6 we had a Vietnamese pot belly pig named Tyrone. He would follow my mom everywhere she went. She would often pick wildflowers in the field behind our house and he would always come with her. One day she got into a bad argument with my dad and was sitting on the back porch crying. Tyrone pulled a bunch of flowers and grass out by the roots and brought them to her to try to make her feel better. It’s always struck me as the sweetest thing I’ve seen an animal do.”


“My childhood dog saved my dad’s life.

She was a big malamute/wolf mix, gorgeous and super smart. She was my parents’ “practice child”, and basically my sister before my other siblings were born.

We lived way out in the woods, and our house was wood heated, so a big part of my dad’s work around the house was gathering, splitting, and hauling firewood. I wasn’t there for this story, but he’s told the whole family about it.

One day he was out getting firewood by the river. It was winter, everything was frozen over, and he was trying to get a madrone that had fallen on to the frozen river. Normally he’s really careful about stuff like this, but everyone makes mistakes I guess. Anyway, the log slipped, the ice broke, and he went straight in, heavy boots and winter coat and all.

He said it was hard to tell where the edge was, the ice kept cracking, and he was sinking fast. Next thing he knew, he felt a yank on the back of his coat, and his head popped above the surface. That dog had run out on the the cracking ice and grabbed him by the collar. She dragged him to safety.

He managed to drive home, dripping and shivering, and that dog was eating steak for a week.”


“I’m not sure if this counts, but I have two big pitbulls who love to play tug of war. They get very competitive and it’s their favorite game. Their grips are super tight and if you pull up hard enough they’ll dangle on the rope like a tree ornament. Anyways, one time my little brother picked up the rope to play with the bigger male dog, Zeppelin. I was scared Zeppelin wouldn’t understand and yank the rope and hurt my little brother. He’s a very good boy, but he’s stupid. So, I started to jog over to them to break it up. To my pleasant surprise, Zeppelin let my little brother win, right away! And they kept playing for awhile, with Zeppelin going noticeably easier on my brother, and my brother having the time of his life. Zep would shake his head and tug very softly, and then when my brother yanked the rope he would let it go. It was the cutest and most adorable thing I’ve ever seen.”


“I worked at a convenience store about two miles from my home, and had to be there every morning before 4am to open up. My husband was in a minor car accident, and our vehicle had to go into the shop for nearly a week. We don’t have public transportation in my small town, and no one was able to give me a ride at such an early hour, so I was determined to walk to work. I headed out before 3am, and it was very dark of course, and felt very eerie. I had to pass by several abandoned/meth houses, and cross the isolated parking lot of a factory, before following the highway along a wooded area. Needless to say, I wasn’t feeling very safe or sure of myself and my decision! Suddenly a very large (maybe 70lb) dog comes trotting up beside me out of seemingly nowhere. At first I was startled and wary of him, but he basically paid me no mind, just jogging along slightly ahead of me as I walked. He was a very intimidating-looking dog, and I immediately felt safer just having him by my side. He walked me all the way to the store I worked at, and even laid down outside the doors for a half hour or so, then went on his way. Every morning for the next three or four days he met me at the same spot and escorted me safely to work. Thank you, anonymous angel dog.”


“I wasn’t feeling well and decided to try to sleep it off. My dear kitty would not leave me alone. He kept poking at me til I got angry n tried to get up. Realized I was really ill and called 911. I was having a massive heart attack with no pain. He saved my life.”


“In 2013, my husband adopted an Australian cattle dog from the pound and named him Niko.

Niko took an intense and immediate liking to my husband. I was a different story (he would literally walk away from me while I was petting him. ). While he tolerated me, it was obvious that I was simply not his cup of tea. Which was fine with me, as long as he listened if I told him to do something.

In 2016, my gallbladder went bad and I had to have it removed. The surgery went well and after i was settled back home in bed, my husband brought the dogs in to see me. He insisted on letting them smell the wound, saying they would understand I was injured and be gentle with me. My lab became inconsolable and cried like he was the one injured. Niko was so interested in the surgical site that my husband had to physically get him of the bed and forbid him from getting back up on the bed with me.

Sometime that night, my pain killer wore off and I woke up having to pee. Cue 15 minutes of rocking like a turtle on its back, before i managed to get myself up. I sat for a moment catching my breath and realized that Niko was sitting nearby watching me.

I hobbled to the adjoined bathroom and sat down on the toilet. And again had to catch my breath. That’s when I heard Niko padding softly and slowly into the bathroom. And felt his cold nose against my knee.

Then he ducked under my knee and positioned himself between my feet, looking around the bathroom.

And I realized that he was guarding me. He didn’t particularly like me, but apparently, I was part of the pack and no one else was awake. I was injured and he was going to make sure I was protected while i peed.

That was the turning point in my relationship with Niko and we are now best buds. He is actually one of the sweetest, most loving dogs that I’ve ever had.

Tl;Dr my husband’s dog finally accepted me because I was injured and he was the only one awake to guard me while I peed.”


“I took on a rescue dog when I was having severe depression and suicidal thoughts.

On a beautiful summer’s day we were out for a walk and I began climbing the railings of the bridge over a motorway.

I looked back, and he looked at me – stopped panting, ears went back, tail suddenly still and he bowed his head, eyes still locked on me.

I saw in his face ‘well I won’t find my way back home without you.’ and it made me climb back down with a purpose.

That dog became my source of love and happiness for 3 more years until I lost him to cancer. I miss him every single day, but I’m alive and in a better place because of him.

Yes that dog totally changed my perspective on life. He was so loving despite all that he went through I couldn’t help but reciprocate.

I now have a love and respect for all creatures great and small, bit of an eco warrior now, and I felt happy enough to work on my marriage. We have a little baby now, and two more rescue animals!

I still miss him a lot but man we lived every minute together from that point on. I take great comfort in that and I’m sure he would be proud knowing I’ll keep rescuing animals because of him.”

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