Pet Owners Describe The Strangest Things Their Pets Have Eaten (And Digested…)

All pet owners love their animal companions, but not everyone loves the pets that ate something they shouldn’t have. If you were constantly that close to the ground, you might find yourself tempted to eat things just lying around as well. The weirdest things pets have eaten range from human foods to inanimate items, some of which they consume again shortly after pooping it out. Apparently, pets also follow a “waste not, want not” way of living. Call it the pet equivalent to recycling if you will, but these pets understand nothing remains of- limits when it comes to their appetite. Or perhaps these little buggers saw another human eat something strange, and got the wrong idea.

According to a Reddit thread where pet owners describe the strange things their pets have eaten, these pets consumed some particularly strange items. A few incidents sparked a few hilarious pet disasters, but luckily, all the companions mentioned in these stories survived their strange meal experiences.

Maybe Their Dog Was Trying To Tell Them Something

From Yoschwa:

“An entire month of my wife’s birth control pills. And he was a male dog. When the vet stopped laughing, she said watch him for any weird reactions, but he never had any.

He ate an ovulation detector kit a few years later, so I’m not sure if he wanted us to have kids or not.”

At Least The Aftermath Was Pretty

From Shloop_Shloop_Splat:

“An entire box of giant glitter crayons. The sh*t in the yard was fabulous for awhile.”

Perhaps This Dog Was Feeling A Bit Stiff

From __coach__:

“A full bottle of motor oil. Found out my dog ate it when he sh*t out a piece of the bottle.”

Some Dogs Have Stomachs Of Steel

From -eDgAR-:

“Although I had a dog myself, this one happened to my friend’s dog, a Golden Retriever named Happy. Happy was a really friendly, and lovable dog, but he also had the habit of eating things that he should not eat.

One day he managed to eat a razor blade, which they found out he had done this after he had passed it one day. My friend and his family were worried, he might have internal damage, so they took him to the vet. They did an x-ray and the vet said everything seemed okay.”

Somehow Happy had managed to swallow a razor blade, have it go through his digestive system and not do any real damage to his body. I’ve always thought that was amazing.

Keep Your Paws Off This Cat’s Olive Oil

From Rylizzle:

“My cat loves Cheetos, smart pop popcorn, cookies of any kind, corn, and olive oil. He goes f*cking crazy over olive oil. When he sees the bottle he will lay on top of it and lick it; if you try to take it away he will growl and keep holding on. I don’t know why he loves olive oil so much.”

Sometimes The Strangeness Repeats Itself

From smduarwb:

“My dog eats socks. I didn’t know it was a thing. Once he pooped a sock and ate it again before I could get to him to take it away. God, my dog is an idiot.”

Construction Materials Are Not Off Limits

From Akubura:

“My donkey ate a bag of concrete and was totally fine. In the same week my horse ate through my pillar on my back porch making it collapse.”

This Dog Is Screwing With You

From EyeDog66:

“Our dog ate and pooped out an almost completely intact Phillips head screwdriver.

This Dog Has A Very Particular Appetite

From bulletm:

“I used to have a dalmatian that would pick grapefruits off of our tree, meticulously peel them with her teeth, and eat them. Not dangerous, but strange as hell.”

Bad Habits Aren’t Just For Humans

From gringofloco:

“I had my last dog for twelve years and she would eat just about anything off the ground that she could put her mouth around. We were playing a constant game of ‘who can spot the edible thing first’ whenever we went out – if I won, I could keep her away from it; if she won, she got to sneakily eat whatever it was before I could stop her. And she was like a ninja in this regard, no matter how hard I tried.

Anyway, the weirdest thing to me was always the cigarette butts. I assumed that these had to be absolutely horrible, what with whatever was left of the tobacco and all of the garbage that had been caught in the filter. But apparently, she thought that they were treats dropped by God specifically for her. As far as I know, they never actually hurt her!”

A Child’s Toy Causes Catastrophe

From Emishere:

“My cat ate my daughter’s sticky stretchy seahorse toy. She asked me if I had seen it and we searched everywhere. We thought she had lost it somewhere.

Fast forward two days to when I have friends over, and my cat runs past with something sticking out of her butt. My friend says ‘What the hell, was that poo? Isn’t your cat trained to use the kitty litter?’

‘She is!’ I exclaim, wondering what the hell is going on. I’m embarrassed in company, and ignore the apparent missed toilet situation until the cat re-appears in the lounge room and jumps up on the coffee table in the middle of us all, spreads her legs, and tries to chew whatever is sticking out of her butt.

My daughter yells out ‘It’s my seahorse! I found it mum!’ I race over, mortified, pick up a serviette from next to the drinks, and grab hold of the sea horse. The cat tries to run away, not liking me holding the sea animal sticking out of her butt, and due to the stretchy material of the toy, she gets a few meters away from me before the end of toy finally comes out and snaps back directly towards me, splattering bits of poo over the window behind me, and the handle sticks to the wall with force.

I let go of the seahorse in horror, as it dangles from the window, stuck by poo. My friends freak out and laugh hysterically in equal measure, whilst I run dry-reaching to the toilet. My friends inform me when I get back that my daughter tried to ‘retrieve’ her toy from the window. I had to clean up her, as well as the window. The cat was perfectly fine.

I still wonder how on earth she swallowed that entire thing without chewing it! She’s also eaten Legos, string, beads, and balls of scrunched up paper. We now have a blanket house rule that anything bigger than my palm has to be put up high on a shelf that she cannot get too.”

Dogs Have Been Known To Eat Out Of Boredom Too

From RugerDragon:

“Our pitbull has eaten through drywall and wallpaper out of a fit of boredom. We kept him in the washroom as a puppy, I guess we forgot to leave a toy with him once. He also has a weird liking for horse sh*t.”

What The French Call A Certain ‘Je Ne Sais Quoi”

From jadedgoldfish:

“A full set of keys, including a pewter Eiffel Tower keychain. Couldn’t find my keys for three days and then they appeared in a pile of dog poop.”

Maybe This Dog Wanted Some Extra Security

From jedikirby:

“I work at an animal hospital. A client brought in their English bulldog that ate an entire blanket. We knew for sure because when they brought her in the blanket was coming out of her mouth and her a**hole… at the same time. Interesting surgical procedure to say the least…”

The Second Coming Came From This Dog’s Butt

From Masculine_McManlyman:

“A picture of baby Jesus and the holy Mary. I mean, I was expecting him to get struck by lightning at least. But nope, that motherf*cker sh*t out partially-digested JC like a champ.”

Though She Be But Little, She Is Fierce

From mitchell_z:

“Half of a AA battery. This was a Chihuahua with an iron stomach. I don’t know where she got the battery, but I couldn’t get it away from her before she ate the thing whole. She was fine. She also jumped onto a chair in the kitchen and took off with an entire pork chop without anyone noticing.”

This Dog Has Its Own Interpretation Of ‘Fetch!’

From Tatterdemalion__:

“I have a little rescued pug named Beau. He’s a weird dog. One day, I get home and he’s acting very strange. Stumbling around, itching his head, and sneezing non-stop. These are serious sneezes. I mean. He was basically propelling himself backwards with the sheer force of his constant pug-sneezing. Needless to say, I was a little concerned, so after it didn’t stop after a few hours I scheduled an appointment with a vet the next day.

However, turns out it wasn’t necessary, because immediately after I hang up the phone, Beau sneezes a freakin’ two-inch long stick out of his nose. Keep in mind his head is the size of a softball. He must have eaten it and it had gotten stuck in his sinuses. After sneezing it up, he just happily trotted away as if nothing happened. Even the vet said there was nothing up. Imagine sneezing a two-inch stick out of your nose and just walking it off. Holy crap.”

This Dog Is Picky About Their Nuts

From 15_Dandylions:

“One of my two small dogs managed to leap onto my kitchen counter while I was out of the house, tore open a bag of pistachios, and somehow managed to de-shell them. So there were just empty shells everywhere.”

Some Dogs Prefer Mexican Over Italian

From Silvea:

“My mom’s 25 lbs puggle ate a whole double meat burrito with sour cream, guacamole, and spicy salsa. He ate the whole thing no issues. Not even loose stool. He was just like ‘Ya that was good, same time tomorrow?'”

Something Everyone Loves To Chew

From GoTeamPaws:

“I had a dalmatian who liked to chew gum. She’d spit it out after the flavor went away.”

This One Recycles

From TheJonesSays:

“I had golden retrievers growing up and they eat everything. Our last one, Cheyenne, was particularly impressive. Somehow got into the garbage (a feat in its own right) and ate a few aluminum cans. She pooped them out, along with a the plastic bag they were in. She was perfectly fine. Stomach of iron, apparently.”

What A Pair

From fueledbychelsea:

“My boss’s English bulldog once ate two biking gloves (the fingerless ones). She puked one up two days later. Then pooped the second out after a week. Those dogs are an anomaly.”


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