Pet Owners Share Their Furry Friends’ Weirdest Shenanigans

Pet Owners Share Their Furry Friends’ Weirdest Shenanigans

“So we moved into a new house and found there’s a glitch in the matrix.”

“He’s a strange, but good boy!”

“Both my fur babies were worried about me being in the bath. The cat was meowing and the dog was crying.”

“We got a new couch but my dog refuses to sit on it because she misses the old one. That’s why we saved a cushion from the old one so that she can sit on it.”

“A cat that looks just like mine showed up in my backyard. Now I don’t know which one to bring inside

“Whenever I’m sad he brings me a sock.”

“Whenever she sits, her legs slide out. I lovingly call them her emergency brakes.”

“Bought our kitten (Mac) a new $40 bed and walked in on him sleeping like this!”

“She didn’t want to be cradled like usual. This is how she would rather be held.”

“Spring is definitely here”

“Little Lucy thought she would put on my shorts while I was in the shower. Now, she has a problem.”

“My beautifully dumb dog fell asleep in the rain.”

“My pregnant cat was X-rayed.”

“What are you even doing, dog?”

“Took my dog to a swim lesson. She thought it was a giant water bowl and drank and swam simultaneously.”

“My dog ate the wall. I think he is planning an escape.”

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