Photographers Capture The Emotions Dogs Express Facially

Photographers Capture The Emotions Dogs Express Facially –

We are two photographers from Turin, Italy specializing in Pet Photography. In 2009, “Dogs and us photography” was born: starting from personal experience with our dogs, we realized how valuable the dog-master relationship is and we concentrate on this. We try to grasp what unites them and translate it into images. You need empathy, passion and lots and lots of patience.

It has been several years since we started photographing people together with their four-legged friends. After all this time we have been able to understand what moods our dogs are able to communicate to us. We have witnessed carousels of joy, fear, exuberance, gratitude, doubt, anger, amazement, patience and resignation. Their faces turn into faces with human expressions, which we only need a small dose of sensitivity in order to read, and they become open books.

Therefore, as well as our shots that depict the relationship with their owners, we decided to add portraits dedicated exclusively to their faces.

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