Puffie The Chow Chow Is The New Cutest Dog The Internet Is Falling In Love With

Puffie The Chow Chow Is The New Cutest Dog The Internet Is Falling In Love With – 



If you’re feeling down this weekend, or just need some simple inspiration, please let me introduce you to Puffie the Chow Chow, the dog stealing hearts on Instagram. Brace yourselves. This is just the back of him:

According to Bored Panda, Puffie was born in China, but he lives with his human in Malaysia, and in just a month has accrued 122,000 followers on Instagram. Of course he does! The fluffy butt, the fluffy face, the fluffy sides. All are lovingly documented and carefully curated on social media, and it’s all wonderful:

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Happy first monthsary to Puffie's instagram account !! 😄🎉 We are so surprised that Puffie can get 115k followers within one month! We are so happy and feel thankful that so many people love Puffie! ❤️ We also feel so glad that Puffie can bring so much happiness to all of you from different countries 😄💖 People keep asking mama "questionssss" about Puffie. Mama unable to reply one by one. So I've decided to write a short article to introduce Puffie to all of you. Please click in the Facebook fan page to read the article ☺️❤️ : https://m.facebook.com/puffiethechowbaby Thank you 💖 Puffie的IG成立第一个月快乐!😄🎉 我们很惊讶Puffie在一个月内居然会有115千个粉丝!我们很开心和很感谢那么多人爱Puffie!我们也很高兴看到Puffie能带给来自不同国家的朋友那么多的欢乐 😄❤️ 很多人一直在问妈咪很多关于Puffie问题。妈咪没有办法一个一个回答,所以决定写一篇短文来介绍Puffie给大家认识。 请上到Puffie的Facebook粉丝专页阅读这篇短文 ☺️❤️ : https://m.facebook.com/puffiethechowbaby 谢谢 💖

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