“Rapunzel Horse” Has Captured Hearts Of The Internet With Her Luscious Blonde Mane

“Rapunzel Horse” Has Captured Hearts Of The Internet With Her Luscious Blonde Mane –



A horse named Storm is taking the Internet by…storm. The eight-year-old Haflinger mare (a breed known for their beautiful hair) has an enthusiastic social media following thanks to her wavy golden locks. Not only are the gentle curls perfectly styled, but they effortlessly fall down her back. Storm’s glamour even earned her the nickname “Rapunzel” after the character in the classic fairy tale.

Naomi Beckers is Storm’s human. The 24-year-old student and entrepreneur purchased Storm from her previous owner two years ago after noticing her amazing head of hair. Together, the two could be hair twins; Beckers has the same blonde wavy locks that trail down her head. Since entering the young woman’s life, the Haflinger horse’s hair has been growing and growing—intentionally being kept long and luscious. It hasn’t been cut since she was two years and is now over three feet in length. Occasionally, it is braided for her protection.

With an ever-growing audience of over 34,000 followers, it’s safe to say that Storm is Insta-famous. In fact, followers can’t seem to get enough. “I was planning to post a few pictures on it [Storm’s Instagram] from time to time, but people kept asking me when I would post another photo,” Beckers says. “It is actually a bit out of control, but I think it is very nice that it has grown so much!”

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Storm is an eight-year-old Haflinger horse with a beautiful mane that’s earned her the nickname Rapunzel.




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