A Rare Pink Elephant Caught On Camera

A Rare Pink Elephant Caught On Camera – 


The pink elephant was spotted playing with other elephants in a waterhole in the South African savannah at the Kruger National Park — South Africa’s first national park and home to more than 11,000 elephants. Why is it pink? It’s an albino elephant of course, as the person behind the camera says these type of elephant sightings are extremely rare, with only 3-4 being recorded in photographs.

Check out the elephant below.


Here’s what else the person who captured this had to say.

“It’s important to note, right through the video, that there was no lack in attention, love or care for the little pink one from the other adults. It was never treated in any other different way or manner. After a 22 month gestation period, elephant babies are a huge investment to a herd, no matter what they look like.”

And pink elephants are so rare to spot because they are usually covered in mud to protect themselves from the sun — a sun that can cause skin problems.


Albinism may also make it difficult for baby elephants to survive into adulthood, although it has been found that calves like this one are starting to learn to adapt to their condition, by hiding under large trees, covering themselves in mud or walking in the shade of other elephants.

So keep on trucking (trunking?) little guy.


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