A Rescue Dog Who’s Saved Dozens Of Lives In Mexico Is Twitter’s Most Adorable Hero

A Rescue Dog Who’s Saved Dozens Of Lives In Mexico Is Twitter’s Most Adorable Hero – 

Not all heroes wear capes, some of them wear DOGGLES (incredible dog goggles) and routinely slobber all over their owner. In fact, I’d go so far as to argue that some of the BEST heroes among us come in canine form. Among these four-legged warriors is the rescue dog Frida who’s saved 52 people in Mexico throughout the course of her career.

Frida is breaking glass ceilings for dogs everywhere with her work in the search and rescue division of the Mexican Navy, and will continue to do so one rescue at a time.

So naturally, when the devastating 7.1 earthquake hit Mexico City earlier this week (leaving over 230 people dead), she put her paws on the front lines to help save people from the wreckage.

Ugh, just look at her. LOOK AT HER.

Frida has quickly graduated to the rank of Twitter’s most adorable hero.Can we also talk about how she’s killing the game in her doggles?! In another life, she could be a doggie steampunk model.

She’s become so popular online people have already created adorable fan art for her. I could definitely see an Etsy shop of Frida t-shirts going viral. Who doesn’t want to wear clothing emblazoned with a heroic dog?!

Luckily, Frida isn’t too lonely, since she has two German shepherd colleagues out there on the front lines with her.I wonder if her doggie coworkers are jealous of her instant internet fame. Hopefully dogs are less petty than humans (it wouldn’t take much for that to be true).

The world needs more brave heroes like Frida.

She’s a very, very good girl.

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