Scientist’s New Study Claims That Cats Aren’t Being Jerks, They Actually Like Us

Scientist’s New Study Claims That Cats Aren’t Being Jerks, They Actually Like Us –



It’s not really hard to become a member of the “all cats are total buttheads” group. All you need to see is the smug look behind their whiskers or the complete lack of respect they have when they walk across your book or keyboard while you’re busy. But what if we were to tell you that these aloof fur balls actually like us? And they like us even more than food.

No one will argue with the fact that cats’ behavior isn’t even close to what we see in dogs. While dogs spend all day at the front door waiting for us, wagging their tails so fast it seems they are going to fly, cats often show no affection at all. They ask for food and enjoy their proud solitude in a dark corner. But scientists suggest that these differences don’t prove that cats don’t like us and only tolerate us as their humble servants.

To prove this, researchers performed several tests with cats. First of all, they isolated all of them for 2.5 hours. Then, they put each cat into a room filled with objects from 4 different categories — food, toys, scent (for example, catnip), and human interaction (like petting or playing). The cats were free to go in any direction they wanted.

At this point we thought that the cats wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation and would go for the catnip, or at least the food. But the further we read, the more surprised we were. Social interaction with humans happened to be the most-preferred category for the majority of cats.

We feel the need to mention that treats fell into second place. This means that the widespread belief that cats like food more than us, may not be completely true.

So, it seems that cats really do care about us. Yes, they show it in their own, dignified or restrained way, but it’s their special love note. Remember all the times they exposed their bellies to you, gave you affection bites or playful claws.

It’s crucial to note that this wasn’t a very huge study. The scientists accepted that different cats can react in various ways. But now we know that friendly and affectionate cats at least exist.

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