Stunning Drone Photos Offer a Beautiful Glimpse of Asia from Above

Stunning Drone Photos Offer a Beautiful Glimpse of Asia from Above –


With his mom’s camera in tow, Jonas Hornehøj found his passion for photography during a three-month internship in Thailand two years ago. While the 24-year-old notes that his equipment has drastically changed since this life-changing trip, his fondness for photographing Asia hasn’t. This enduring interest is particularly evident in his drone photography, which showcases amazing aerial views of the country’s landscapes.

From the lush forests of Bali to the lagoons that dot the Philippines, these photographs give viewers a glimpse of Asia from above. With their vivid color palettes and expertly-crafted compositions, the photographs show the beautiful countries from a new perspective.

Given his affinity for Asia, it comes as no surprise that Hornehøj’s most memorable drone photograph was taken in the Philippines. “My favorite photo ever taken needs to be a drone shot I took in the Legazpi area in the Philippines, of an ATV trip near Mount Mayon—a perfectly conical volcano,” he tells My Modern Met. “The conditions that day were unbelievable! We arrived to the area and it was drizzling and we were worried about being able to take the photos we had in mind, when all of a sudden the clouds started parting and an insane sunset appeared out of nowhere!”

Similarly, he notes that Asia has hosted two of his most unforgettable vacations. During a trip to Danjugan Island, “a little piece of heaven with beautiful coral reef all around it, incredible wildlife, and just an all out magical vibe,” he enjoyed living like a local. And in China, he was astounded by the diversity of the landscapes and the eye-opening shift in culture he experienced.

So, where is Hornehøj heading next? Asia, of course! Following a photography and blogging workshop in Bali, he’ll be traveling to Thailand to attend the Yi-Peng lantern festival in Chiang Mai.

Following the festival, however, he’ll be sailing toward new horizons. “After that I will head to Denmark for a week, whereafter I will be heading to Portugal and Spain for a two-week road trip to some spots I have never seen before on any social media, so I’m pretty excited about that,” he tells us. “After that all is unknown, but things I’m looking into are potentially going to the United States for a road trip, and otherwise only other thing I have locked in more or less is a trip to Peru in April!”

You can keep up with Hornehøj’s adventures around the world on Instagram.




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