Talented Pizza Delivery Guy Delivers More Than Pizza

Most people’s pizza delivery fantasies involve extra pepperoni or some variation of a porn trope (why not both). But have you ever considered the fact that your pizza delivery guy could be a piano prodigy?!

When the Varchetti family in Detroit ordered a pepperoni pizza from Hungry Howie’s, they got an extra side of serenade. Upon arrival, the 18-year-old delivery guy Bryce Dudal spotted their baby grand piano and asked if he could play for a moment.

Much to the Varchetti’s surprise, he proceeded to sit down and play a flawless rendition of the third movement of Beethoven’s “Moonlight” sonata.

When they posted the video on Facebook it quickly went viral, with commenters remarking on Dudal’s impressive talent.

Dudal has been playing piano since he was six-years-old and first became enthralled with Moonlight Sonata. Ever since then, he’s been fastidious with his practice. I have complete faith his abilities will continue to grow and he’ll become a household name in the future.

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