Tattoo Shop Donates Revenue From All Paw Print Tattoos To Pit Bull Rescue

Tattoo Shop Donates Revenue From All Paw Print Tattoos To Pit Bull Rescue –

A tattoo shop in Arkansas is donating the revenue from paw print tattoos to a local pit bull rescue.

Pit bulls have a completely undeserved bad rep. Just because a few bad people trained their pit bulls to do horrible things, they’ve somehow convinced the whole world that all pit bulls are vicious killing machines.

They’re not. In fact, they’re no more angst-filled than retrievers or chihuahuas. They also don’t have locking jaws or particularly powerful bites, at least, in comparison to other large dog breeds. They’re good dogs that just need to be shown a little bit of love to bring it out.

Unfortunately, that’s hard to get people to do these days. Pit bulls are one of the most common breeds found in shelters because they’re overlooked for more “peaceful” breeds. That’s why organizations like Out Of The Ashes exist. They rescue pit bulls from kill shelters, adopting them and giving them a home when nobody else would.

But they need help. Just as not many people adopt pit bulls, not many people donate to assist pit bull rescues. But one tattoo parlor in Little Rock, Arkansas is helping out, one paw tattoo at a time.

For $25, you can get a paw print tattoo at The Empire of Ink tattoo shop. All proceeds go to helping Out Of The Ashes Pit Bull Rescue, saving pit bulls from certain death. That’s pretty metal, if you ask us.

The Empire of Ink holds regular events where they donate proceeds to worthy causes, and Out Of The Ashes is a cause near and dear to the owner’s heart: they own several pit bulls, and they’re all just bundles of love.

Speaking to KTHV, tattoo artist Darion Griffith said that since the event started last Saturday, 40 people have gotten inked.

“We chose Out Of The Ashes because out of all the other organizations, it doesn’t get as much help as it can,” Griffith said. “I think it’s important to represent pit bulls because they don’t get the rep that they should. A lot of people see them as an angry type breed when really they need help just as much as anyone else.”

Other tattoos are also available, such as a small pit bull face for $80, as well as a larger pit bull design for $125. If you’re in the Little Rock area and in the mood to permanently display your love of pit bulls, head on down to get inked up and help a worthy cause while you’re at it.


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