Teacher Performs Gravity Defying Water Trick

Teacher Performs Gravity Defying Water Trick –


Here’s a fun science experiment you can do if you’re a teacher or with your kids at home. Well, let’s be honest, you can do this with your adult friends and they’ll be just as amazed.

The explanation of how it works is in the video caption.

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This gravity defying water trick, watch til the end. So cool… until the jar is tilted there's a vacuum. There’s a wire mesh over the mouth of the jar. Before the air can start to move because she tilts it, the surface tension of the water won’t let air through the mesh until it’s tipped over, making more pressure at the bottom, which allows air in the top to displace the water. Really great science teacher. She’s letting the kids come up and explore it to take empirical data. . Follow @talkwidtech to learn new amazing stuff everyday. . Source :- u/Trill_f0x #invention #science #physics #interesting #technology #worldofengineering #magic #chemistry #talkwidtech #art #engineering #amazing #geek #research #gravity #explain #teacher #viralvideos #trick

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