Teens Assist Hurt Elderly Man Who Fell And Walk Him Home

Teens Assist Hurt Elderly Man Who Fell And Walk Him Home –





A group of teenage boys in Caldwell, Idaho, stopped to care for an elderly man after they witnessed him fall down while he struggled with his walker.

Victor Ornelas, Isaac Hernandez, Diego Ramirez, Devan Ornelas, and Josh Sorg were riding in the car to play basketball when they spotted the man fall down.

“I saw that he fell so I stepped on my brakes,” Hernandez told KTVB.

“We parked and we all ran out. We picked him up and we asked if he was okay, he said he was fine,” he said. “So we just kept walking with him. We said we were going to walk him all the way to his house. We helped him inside, and his knee was bleeding. So, we grabbed napkins put alcohol on it and cleaned him up.”

Jose Gomez, the elderly man they helped that day, said he is so grateful the boys were there for him.

“I was just falling down I don’t know what happened. They picked me up. I was walking just right and then sadly I went down, and they come up and say hey, want us to take you home and I said okay, let’s go. It made me feel good,” he said.

Little did the boys know, however, that a woman in the neighborhood had been watching. She published the photos to her Facebook page.

“Shout out to these young boys for helping an elderly man off the ground after he fell and walking him home,” Erika Tovar wrote. “If any of you have elderly family check on them make sure they are okay!”

The Caldwell community is proud and thrilled about these teenagers’ kind actions. The boys have since been showered with everything from free lunches to haircuts by local businesses.

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