The Ace Of Clay Shows Off His Best Clay Creations

The Ace Of Clay Shows Off His Best Clay Creations –


YouTube artist Ace of Clay has amassed tens of thousands of subscribers in under a year for his polymer clay figures. He easily molds and shapes clay into realistic figures of people and animals. He does a lot of things the average person would never even think of….steampunk owl family, anyone?

While he used to have his own online store, where he made creations upon request, or of his own designs to sell, he turned to YouTube to amaze us all. Ace of Clay uses his YouTube channel to give tutorials with clay. His talent is obvious even before you see the finished projects. He first used polymer cay in junior high and found himself naturally drawn to it and able to create easily.

After we conducted an exclusive interview with the Ace of Clay, we decided to see which videos of his were the best of the best. Some of these have the most views, other videos we just thought were super neat. Each video is time lapsed to show his incredible skills. The way he works clay into a recognizable shape is fascinating.

In things you thought could never happen, Ace of Clay used polymer clay to turn a pre-existing giraffe figure into a dragon. The transformation is truly incredible. He uses clay to cover the original giraffe and make a badass fire-breathing dragon. More proof that dragons are cooler than giraffes. Is that a thing?


This one is another, “How did he come up with that?” creation. This innocent looking duck is handcrafted into a ferocious alien monster. It’s definitely a little out there but super creative. Ace of Clay found this timid looking ceramic duck and thought he could do it one better. Watch this video to see the end result. There’s a reason this is one of his most viewed videos.

This video isn’t a full transformation of an existing figure, it an OG. Here, he makes an original grim reaper from his own design. He uses aluminum foil as a base and to get his figure started. He then covers it with the first layer of polymer before adding more detail. Paying close attention to all these videos, you’ll see his coordination and even how he makes the cuts with his tool. His hand is steady and moves carefully. The grim reaper is creepily accurate…or so we would imagine.

You have to check out this eye that looks almost like the cover of a spell book. Ace of Clay describes this book cover as an aquatic creature with almost octopus looking legs and a giant all-seeing eye. Seeing this one come together gets you ready for an early Halloween. They eyeball was a new thing for the Ace of Clay but he nailed it and even made it glow in the dark.

Ace of Clay has many more videos on his YouTube channel. Each one is well done listing all the materials and with detailed directions that even us novice clay makers can master. Well, with a little practice.




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