The Internet Has A Cat – Purlli, An Interactive Sound Generator That Purrs

The Internet Has A Cat

Try out the Kitty Purr Generator HERE and make the cat purr.

My Noise founder and engineer Stéphane Pigeon has created Purlli, an interactive sound generator that offers the wonderfully soothing sound of a purring cat wherever and whenever such comfort is needed. Purlli has adjustable levers that allow the user to determine the intensity of the purr necessary. For a truly realized experience, there is a meow level that can also be adjusted but may get a bit intense after a while.

The sound of a purring cat is one of the most comforting sounds available and can help soothe and calm you down when you’re feeling stressed. Naturally, it’s not just the sound that is important, but it’s also the presence of the warm cuddly cat. …With a purr that delicately changes over time, Purrli aims at making the experience as real and lively as possible.

Try out the Kitty Purr Generator HERE and make the cat purr.

Here’s the Babouche, the sweet cat who provided all the “vocalizations”


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