The Top 10 Animal TikToks Of 2019 Ranked

Here are the Top 10 most hilarious and/or heartwarming animal videos of 2019:


10. Vanessa Carlton llama, thanks to @divinefalcon0:

9. Making a Huxley, thanks to @huxleythepandapuppy:

8. Baby jaguar swimming, thanks to @mokshabybee:

7. Hazelnut the Dachschund, thanks to @hollyandhazelnut:

6. Biting hamster, thanks to @ame269:

5. Dancing ferret, thanks to @friendlyquest:

4. Dog love story, thanks to @beingbirch:

3. Marley’s debut, thanks to @marleymalin:

2. Tiger tag, thanks to @kodyantle:

1. Stryker’s birthday, thanks to @strykerthecat:

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