The Waves Along The San Diego Shoreline Break A Glowing Blue Due To A Bioluminescent Red Tide

The Waves Along The San Diego Shoreline Break A Glowing Blue Due To A Bioluminescent Red Tide –




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In May 2018, the waves along 18 miles of the San Diego coast began breaking upon the shore with a beautiful vivid blue color that seemed to come out of nowhere. As it turns out, this neon color is created by an overabundance of bioluminescent planktonic dinoflagellates, the same type of algae that behind the less attractive “red tide”, but set off pretty colors whenever they are disturbed.

Red tides are conditions when a dinoflagellate population increases to such huge numbers that it discolors the water. This “bloom” may be caused by nutrient and hydrographic conditions …For dinoflagellate red tides, the water is discolored red or brown due to as high as 20 million cells per liter. These red tides are composed primarily of one species of dinoflagellate that has been rapidly growing and accumulating. Some red tides are luminescent; most in southern California create dramatic nighttime displays of bioluminescence in the wakes breaking on the beach



The ocean is glowing and we can’t get enough of the amazing pictures! 🌊🔥🌊 Neon blue waves have been seen at San Diego's shore this week, creating some rare photo opportunities for locals. The phenomenon is created when a red tide, which is algae bloom filled with phytoplankton called "dinoflagellates," rolls off waves onto or near the shoreline. . 📸: Pictures 1-3 Thanks to Abe @abekislevitz for his amazing photos! 📸: Pictures 4-5 Thanks to Jesse @therealjbowen for sharing his incredible shots! . 📲 Click the link in our bio and select this photo thumbnail for the FULL story. . . . #10news #redtide #bioluminescence #nature #waves #ocean #beach #pier #california #science #oceanlife #marinebiology #glow #naturephotography #nature #lajolla #sandiego #sandiegophotographer #sandiegoliving #socal #waves

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