There Is No Such Thing As Loving Your Pet Too Much

There Is No Such Thing As Loving Your Pet Too Much –


“When I’m sad, my dog goes outside and brings me things. Today, it’s a pine cone.”



houston_trill98 / twitter

“I got a Texas ID for my son today.”


cherwolfie / twitter

“Since his girlfriend is no longer with us, I decided to cheer him up with a bouquet of carrots on Valentine’s Day.


Amberly_Dzimira / twitter

“I bought a little bed for my hamster and now we do everything together.”


OfficialJoelF / twitter






willthoughts / reddit

“I asked my 4-year-old to put our new puppy to bed. This is what I came back to.”


ccoragordonn / twitter

“My mom made a house with couches and baby pictures for my guinea pigs.”


Smiley / facebook

“He’s never seen himself in the mirror, so I tell him how handsome he is at least 20 times a day.”-RIP Smiley the dog <3


madamemolamola / tumblr

“I let her display her creative side. Truly one of the greatest artists of our generation.”

Strawburry17 / twitter

“I bought a mini laptop for my dog so he can at least look like he’s helping support this family.”



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