These Dogs With Their Stuffed Animals Are The Best Thing You Will See Today

These Dogs With Their Stuffed Animals Are The Best Thing You Will See Today –



 Thoughts of Dog, a wildly popular account voiced from the perspective of a lovable and dopey Golden retriever, prompted its 2.9 million followers to share images of their favorite “stuffed frens.”

“today. is my stuffed fren sebastian’s second birthday. and to celebrate. we would like to see. all of your favorite stuffed frens”

Seed planted, a sprawling thread of pups cuddling, smiling, and posing with their stuffy of choice quickly sprouted.

1. “my cone of shame doubles as a stuffed fren holder hehe”

2. “Jazz Hands Broccoli Man”

3. “My best stuffed fren is me 😂”

4. “Here’s CrackersTX & his stuffed chicken.”

Here’s @CrackersTX & his stuffed chicken.
credit: @DeniseFlores via Twitter

5. “Dreaming of Thanksgiving like”

6. “Pete passed away earlier this year due to cancer and old age, but here’s a picture of him and Mr. Bear from two years ago being the happiest boy ever.”

7. “This was Dragon. I had him when I was a puppy. Until one day he exploded.”

“When I was a little bit bigger I got Bear. Then one day he exploded too. It’s still a mystery how both toys exploded but I don’t have stuffed toys anymore, for safety reasons. Love your fren, Ruger. 🐾🐾”

8. “This is my stuffed friend Penguiño. The humans tried to hide him, but I learned how to open the drawer all by myself. True love conquers all 🥰” (Press play to watch)

9. “i am Groot”

10. “This is their friend Henry”

11. “Blåhaj + venkman”

12. “Maisie and Foxy say hi. Fox has had limb and neck repair due to love.”

13. “hbd sebastian. This ‘was’ a favorite friend of Louie & Breeze.”

“Honestly, Louie prefers rubber duckies.”

credit: @tine__christine via Twitter

14. “Beau prefers rubber ducks too.”

15. “Heidi and stuffed fren Helga”

16. “Here’s Monty with his fren Blue Dragon. He’s very happy to show you.”

17. “This is Argyle with his Sebastian, named after yours ❤️”

18. “Maple and Bunny”

19. “I has many stuffed frens”

20. “dis my fren hedgee. my fren. no one else’s fren.”

21. “This is Bailey and his fren Moosey 🥰”

22. “Pretty sure my 5 yr old did it.”

23. “Houdini and his chick winny”

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