These Giant Leaf Insects Will Sway Your Heart

These Giant Leaf Insects Will Sway Your Heart –


Giant Malaysian leaf insects stay still – very still – on their host plants to avoid hungry predators. But as they grow up, they can’t get lazy with their camouflage. They change – and even dance – to blend in with the ever-shifting foliage.


— What do giant leaf insects eat? They’re herbivores, so they stick to eating leaves from their habitats, like guava and mango.

— What’s one main difference between male and female giant leaf insects? Males can actually fly as they have wings, which they use for mating.

— But did you know that females don’t need males for mating? They are facultatively parthenogenetic, which means they sometimes mate or sometimes reproduce asexually. If they mate with a male, they produce both males and females, but if the eggs remain unfertilized – only females are produced.

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