This Big Dog, Little Bunny, Fuzzy Duckling and Adorable Guinea Pigs Make An Odd But Lovable Family

A beautiful black shepherd named Marley who acts as a service dog for special needs children, lives in beautiful harmony with his humans Paula and Addi, a little bunny, a fuzzy duckling, a couple of playful dachshunds, a few furry cats, a variety of adorable guinea pigs along with other animals.

Marley, who gets along with everyone, is happy to just lay on the sofa with anyone and/or everyone at his side.

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A real life moment captured …. I did upload a different video this morning but it didn’t quite upload right … so instead … . A real life glimpse… last night Addi threw a massive anxiety stint… at midnight she started throwing everything out of her room (Including furniture she could lift) I sat in her door way for hours – just letting her work it out and settle… Initially I did tell her off… I also yelled .. which only made it worse . Holy crap – it was a monster So after only a few hours sleep we both woke up this morning… had breakfast and left the house To get fresh air and coffee … . On our walk we stopped for a rest… Life isn’t always rainbows and ice-cream – sometimes it totally sucks But the trick is to deal with it Move on Yawn Forgive- yourself and others Find your happy Even if your happy is just a $5 coffee served in a cardboard cup ☕️ #specialneedsmom #servicedog #servicedogintraining #servicepuppyintraining #specialneedskidsrock #corneliadelangesyndrome

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