This Cat’s Ears Were Cut Off But Her New Foster Mom Made Her New Ones

This Cat’s Ears Were Cut Off But Her New Foster Mom Made Her New Ones –



In August 2018, a little black and white kitten was dropped off at the Humane Society of Silicon Valley. The Staff members looked in the kitten’s carrier, and they were shocked to see that the kitten’s ears and part of her tail had been cut off

The kitten’s physical wounds were mostly healed, but she naturally had some emotional wounds from her traumatic experience.

The little kitten was scared of everyone and everything, and she wouldn’t let anyone touch her. The staff decided to name the kitten Karma.

The Humane Society knew they needed to do something to help the little kitten learn to trust again. And so, they found a great foster mom who they knew would provide Karma with the love and support she needed.

Karma headed to her new foster home, where she slowly started to come out of her shell.

Karma’s kindhearted foster mom also decided she wanted to give the cat a very special set of new ears. She knitted a new set of ears for Karma, and the kitten loved them!

The Humane Society was so happy to see Karma healing from her tough past:

“Karma had a rough start to life, but she’s looking forward to a happy future,” the Humane Society wrote on Instagram. “She’s a shy girl who perks up quickly once toys are involved.”

Once Karma was ready, the shelter put her up for adoption. It didn’t take long for Karma to find a great new home!

“After a few weeks in foster, she was ready to find her forever home,” Nicholson said. “Within just a day of arriving on our adoption floor, she found her new home!

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