This Dog and Duck Have the Most Adorably Unexpected Friendship

This Dog and Duck Have the Most Adorably Unexpected Friendship –

One adorable pair to recently win the hearts of many is a German Shepherd called Vendetta and an Indian Runner duck called Lemony. Their owner is 18-year-old amateur photographer Natacha, who captures their daily adventures on camera.

“Vendetta is such a sweet and friendly dog with everyone and every animal that when Lemony arrived in our home as a duckling in June 2018, I hadn’t any apprehension of putting them together,” reveals Natacha. “To my surprise, Lemony was absolutely not afraid and started to follow Vendetta everywhere.”

Since Vendetta loves to swim in forest lakes, Natacha naturally decided to bring Lemony along for a paddle. Heartwarming photos show the lovable duo cuddling up together by the shore, exploring woodlands, and happily playing together at home. Natacha says, “It’s really important for me to show this special bond because I truly hope that this will help people to see ducks in a different way—not only as ‘foie gras’ or something but as the sensitive animals they are.”

Scroll down to see more of the adorable duo and continue to keep up to date with Vendetta and Lemony’s adventures on Instagram.

Meet Vendetta and Lemony: a dog and duck who have formed the most unexpected friendship.


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