This Doggy Day Care Does Holiday Photoshoots That’ll Impress Everyone

This Doggy Day Care Does Holiday Photoshoots That’ll Impress Everyone –

Have you ever tried to take a nice picture of your dog and things just went…uhh…completely and utterly awry?


That’s why I was absolutely FLOORED when I saw this pic on Twitter the other day:

Needing to know how someone actually managed this, I reached out to the original poster who then connected me with Cara Raphael, owner and founder of My Little Doghousedoggy day care in Glasgow, Scotland.

“I used to be a flight attendant, but I missed home and wanted to work with animals,” Raphael said. “So I opened the day care in 2016 and immediately started taking group pictures of all the dogs. Now it’s my thing!”

Raphael originally started taking pictures so that the puppers’ owners could see what their dogs were up to all day. Eventually, she started having a little more ~fun~ with it — especially around the holidays!!!

“This year’s Halloween was a very last-minute thing. I forgot, so I was cutting up bedsheets five minutes before I took this picture!” Raphael said.

As for how she gets the pups to pose so well, Raphael herself isn’t even sure.

“There are no treats or toys involved — they’re all just the best dogs,” she said. “Don’t get me wrong though — it does take a few attempts. Especially when they’re wearing something!”

Well, whatever she’s doing is clearly working!!!!!!!!

Raphael added that when they’re not busy taking holiday photos, she and her doggos spend their mornings exploring the woods, and then come home for food and snugs.

*sigh* What a life, man.

What. A. LIFE!!!!!!!!

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