This Russian Couple Has A Pet Grizzly Bear

This Russian Couple Has A Pet Grizzly Bear –


Russia’s like a whole different world.

Take Yuriy Panteleenko. Guy found a bear cub in the woods when it was 3 months old and adopted it. Now he has a 23 year-old pet bear and a wife named Svetlana. Coincidence? Absolutely not.

Via Daily Mail:

“On the surface Svetlana and Yuriy Panteleenko appear like any other ordinary couple, but for their 23-year-old bear named Stepan. Standing at more than seven foot, the large mammal is so domesticated the family often sit down together in the evenings to watch television.”

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“And the bear has even been known to help out around the house – or at least in the garden – by watering the plants.”


“While Stepan gets through more than a bowl of porridge a day his favourite dish is a can of condensed milk thanks to a sweet tooth. He also stocks up on a hefty 25kg of fish, vegetables and eggs – meaning dinner time at the Panteleenko’s is never a breeze.”


“But fortunately for Stepan, he’s also a football fanatic so works off the gut-busting amount of food his parents serve him every day.”



This Russian Couple Has A Pet Grizzly Bear

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