This Silly Shiba Inu Goes Viral For Constantly Ruining Group Photos

We all have That One Friend who always manages to be the odd one out in group photos. Whether they always end up with their eyes closed, turn their head at the wrong moment, or sneeze just as you take the photo, they somehow always manage to be the one person to ruin a picture.

A shiba inu named Hina is That One Friend in her group of doggy siblings, which include Kikko, Momo, and Sasha. The dogs’ human, Yoko, loves taking group shots of her babies, and while Hina sometimes manages to pose nicely, she often manages to be a bit of a, erm, distraction when looking at the final photo. But although Hina’s silly smiles, closed eyes, and confused poses may not be calendar-worthy, we love her all the more for her quirkiness!

Take a look at some of Hina’s finest moments on camera:



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