This Tiny Spa Was Custom Built For A Hamster

This Tiny Spa Was Custom Built For A Hamster –


Korean YouTube channel SIMI TV has blessed us with a video of how to create a tiny spa for hamsters. The “hamster sauna” video has gotten almost 2 million views, and it still continues to wow viewers across the world. If you thought buying strollers for dogs was extra, then you haven’t seen videos of hamster residence DIYs.

The channel has gotten over 10 million total views and almost 250,000 subscribers since its founding in 2013, although the oldest video that can be viewed on the account was from eight months ago. SIMI TV is dedicated to Kong’s tiny adventures in the various set-ups his owner built for him. He can even be seen following YouTube trends like making ASMR sounds and a Mukbang of 500 mealworms. The tiny and adorable influencer sure knows how to get the views.

The video shows you how the elaborate hamster spa was created. It was modelled after a traditional Korean spa, and Kong’s owner even created a 3D model before building it—ensuring accurate and to-scale measurements. While most of the spa was made of cardboard, SIMI TV has also added mirrors, earplug shower heads, a tiled floor, LED lights, and so many more tiny details and accessories. Kong’s favourite things, however, were everything edible: his baked eggs, a rotating broccoli scrubber, and all the soaps. Kong has also enjoyed trips to the gym, solving mazes, and eating from a sushi conveyor belt.

SIMI TV is only one of the many YouTube channels that showcase building elaborate set-ups for their hamsters. The channel VanillaHamHam, for example, makes videos on DIY set-ups, cooking miniature food, and care videos. This account has over 600,000 subscribers and 150 million views—showing just how much we can’t get enough of these cute hamster videos.

These videos are cute and could potentially lead to a fun weekend DIY activity. However, it’s important to note that everything that’s made in the video were created hamster-safe, and your hamster shouldn’t be left unsupervised in these elaborate set-ups. Kong’s soaps were edible so he could eat them, but he could’ve easily gotten sick if his owner was not more careful.

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