This University In Lebanon Is a Home To More Than 300 Cats

This University In Lebanon Is a Home To More Than 300 Cats


In addition to being one of the Arab world’s top institutions of higher education, the American University of Beirut is also home to 9,000 students and…around 300 cats. Over the years, the scenic campus of AUB became a sanctuary for the felines of Beirut’s rough streets.


Cats began inhabiting campus during Lebanon’s civil war

As families fled the country, many left their pets behind. For whatever reason, AUB became the go-to dump spot for abandoning cats. Since then, the population has grown and become a day-to-day reality for AUB students.

The university has an official six-point policy governing the campus cats

The policy lays out regulations as to where cats are allowed and how they are to be treated by faculty and students. They cannot be harmed. Failure to adhere to that policy can result in a Dean’s Warning. Cruel and unusual punishment? Just don’t be mean to the cats.

Volunteers feed the cats every day at 6:00 a.m.

Cats are only fed once a day, and their diet is supplemented by food they find on Bliss Street, the rodents they hunt on on campus and from AUB students who bend the rules to feed them. Although this costs $2,000 to $2,500 a month, AUB has consistently denied allegations that it contributes to the ever-swelling student tuition.

A veterinarian regularly keeps tabs on the population

AUB contracts a veterinarian part-time to monitor the cats and keep tabs on the overall population. In addition to treating sick cats, the veterinarian spays 8 to 10 female cats per month.

You can adopt from the campus

There’s a procedure in place to ensure that cat’s will be properly taken care of once they are taken from campus. AUB ensures that all cats are vaccinated and neutered or spayed at not cost to the new caretaker.

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