This Waiter Did The Sweetest Thing When A 3-Year-Old Customer Tried To ‘Pay’ With Credit Card

This Waiter Did The Sweetest Thing When A 3-Year-Old Customer Tried To ‘Pay’ With Credit Card –


Little kids love to play at being grown up, probably because they like to mimic the adults around them and because they have no idea how much being an adult actually sucks. They love to play house, pretend to drive, carry big rings of keys, and apparently, pick up the check.

Twitter user @richhomiewen (whose real name seems to be Wen) tweeted the sweetest interaction between himself and a 3-year-old girl who was dining with her family at the restaurant where he works as a waiter.

When the bill came and the little girl tried to pay for her family’s meal with her Barbie credit card (never leave home without it), the waiter took the card and then made out a little check just for her, so she could leave a pretend tip and sign her name. Just like an adult! Ah, money is so fun to spend when it’s not real (or your own).

But hey, the additional tip was real — an extra $3 for the waiter who took the time to make the little girl feel all grown up.

The waiter’s tweet went viral and people on Twitter thought it was freaking adorable (because not everyone is a total monster).

At least one person was (jokingly) aghast that the waiter included the credit card account number in the picture he tweeted.

But others figured they could use that to their benefit. Man, that little girl’s pretend Barbie account is going to be maxed out in no time. Talk about feeling like an adult for real.

One person noticed that the amount written in for the tip was $10, but the waiter only received $3. Hmmm, where did the rest go?

As another person pointed out, it’s important to teach your kids important life skills like tipping. (I’m serious! So many people don’t know!)

Raise your hand if you are going to be applying for a Barbie credit card immediately. From now on, everything (fake) is on me!


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