This Woman Making Tiny Hats For Her Tiny Foster Cats Is Crushing Adoption Goals

This Woman Making Tiny Hats For Her Tiny Foster Cats Is Crushing Adoption Goals –


The heartwarming project is the brainchild of Danielle Adams, a Rhode Island woman who works for Brown University as a University Scheduler.



But when she’s not slotting freshman at the Ivy League powerhouse into English Lit. 110, the cat-obsessed, 30-something fosters neonatal kittens in partnership with a local animal nonprofit.

And it isn’t just about the fashion — the knitted accoutrements are designed to help the kittehs find new homes when the time comes for them to be adopted!



“I started fostering a couple of cats from various circumstances about 2 years ago but my main fostering experience has been with PARL (Providence Animal Rescue League) for just over a year. After I adopted my first cat and best friend 3 years ago (I have 2 cats), I scoured the internet for references and ended up eventually finding kitten lady, Hannah Shaw. She was my inspiration to start fostering and I signed up to foster every type of cat but really wanted neo-nates!”



Due to the lo-fi nature of the initiative, she keeps the design, production, and photography cycles lean and fast.

“The whole process is very quick. I spend an hour or two making the costumes and then very quickly take the photos. I live alone so I’m trying to both hold the kitten up in a way that the hats stay on and take the picture at the same time – photo burst is my best friend! It takes me less than 10 minutes usually to take photos of all of the kittens in their hats. I don’t like to force them to take these photos if they’re not being cooperative so the quicker I go the better. Some projects have ended up getting thrown out the window due to temperamental kittens!”



“My first litter I had from one day old. Their mom is named Queen Sara Saturday and there was so much talk about Harry and Meghan so I decided to name the kittens after the royal family! It only seemed appropriate that they get little crowns after that. I got such a positive reaction from the private Facebook pet group that I’m a part of and it honestly made me feel really good to bring other people a little bit of happiness that I wanted to keep doing it!










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