How to Throw Your Dog an Amazing Birthday Party

How to Throw Your Dog an Amazing Birthday Party



So, it’s your super cute dog’s birthday. And naturally, you want to throw them a rockin’ birthday party! There’s nothing better on this planet than a good dog birthday party, and I believe that from the depths of my soul. I just threw my dog Otis a first birthday party last week and it was pure joy. Here’s how to throw your dog an amazing party!


1. Choose a dog-friendly location

If you have small dogs, you might be able to have the birthday party in your house. If you have a large backyard, maybe you can host back there. If you need a larger space or you have large rambunctious dogs, go to an off-leash dog park (but keep in mind you will have unexpected guests). I had Otis’ birthday party in a large dog park and it was perfect because he had an endless supply of new friends to play with.


2. Find some dog-themed decorations

We gave Otis a bowtie and hung up some streamers on the picnic table. If you can find little party hats, dog-bone-patterned handkerchiefs, or other dog-friendly decorations, your party will be even cuter. Go crazy! This picture is of Otis standing under his party banner.


3. Bake a dog-friendly cake

Dogs can’t just eat any birthday cake, since sugar is bad for them and many dogs are sensitive to wheat, eggs, and other common allergens. My dog gets mad sh*ts if he eats anything weird so I made him the healthiest cake ever and he hecking loved it. Just imagine you’re baking a birthday cake for Gwyneth Paltrow or something, and you’re well on your way to making a good dog birthday cake. Here’s the recipe for the cake I made.


4. Bring some snacks and bevs for your human pals

Remember that the humans in attendance will want to eat and drink things, too. Capri Suns are always a good party beverage. Cupcakes are fun. Just make sure the dogs don’t get into them!


5. Consider food aggression

Even though we feel like our dogs are our kids, they are actually sweet, adorable animals with giant teeth. You have to keep in mind that some dogs experience food aggression. If you’re having a party in a large area with unknown dogs, you might not want to bring the cake. We had Otis eat his cake with his best friend at home. Maybe you want to put pieces of cake and spread them out across a wide area to separate the dogs a bit while they’re eating. Nothing ruins a party like your friends having to tear their dogs apart because they’re going for the jugular!


6. Invite dog and human friends

Don’t invite the haters! Some people think dog birthday parties are stupid. Those people are the worst! Invite friends who have dogs and friends who love dogs. People who are too uptight to have some good old-fashioned dog fun have to stay home.

Have you ever thrown your dog a birthday party? Do you have cute pics? Tweet them to me @erikaheidewald!

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