Tiny Embroidered Pins Make Any Outfit A Work Of Art

Tiny Embroidered Pins Make Any Outfit A Work Of Art –



Embroidery is a great way to embellish ordinary articles of clothing. The only downside? Adorning fabric with stitches is a relatively permanent decision, so you have to be sure you’re ready to take the plunge—unless you’re familiar with the work of Irem Yazici. The self-taught fiber artist has created a collection of embroidery pins that allows you to customize your clothes without the commitment.

Intended to “add some flair onto your outfit,” each of Yazici’s pins is a perfect artistic accoutrement. Rendered on round, solid-colored bases, her designs look like they’ve been stitched onto tiny embroidery hoops. This crafty decision culminates in contemporary accessories that retain a folk art feel.

So what imagery can you expect to find on Yazici’s handcrafted pins? Animals, from puppies to prawns, are one of the artist’s favorite subjects, though spring blooms, scenes from space, and other whimsical motifs make appearances. The eclectic nature of these muses makes each pin even more special, and, ultimately, achieves Yazici’s artistic goal: to “create worlds out of her surreal visions where magical things happen.”

You can pick up a pin in Yazici’s online shop, and keep up with her new products on Instagram.

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