Try This ‘Baby Yoda’ Christmas Cookie Hack

removing the heads off angel cookie cutters creates a shape resembling baby Yoda

Although the adorable creature became known as ‘baby Yoda’ across the internet, it’s actually unknown if he has any connection to the legendary Jedi Master from the Star Wars series. We only know that they’re definitely not the same being (for spoiler-y reasons) and that they belong to the same species. Officially ‘baby Yoda’ is known as The Child and is heavily featured in the Mandalorian series, where he is an ‘asset’ hunted by bounty hunters for mysterious reasons. The Child possesses a strong connection to the Force, showing off his incredible skill (he’s just a baby) multiple times during the 6 episodes that have aired so far. The upcoming two episodes of The Mandalorian are set to be released before the year ends, so we might still get some details on who ‘baby Yoda’ actually is. Some fans have, however, speculated that he might actually be Yoda’s son.

With some decoration added, it definitely works!

People responded by immediately trying it out to see if it actually works!

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