Watch This Special Needs Dog Roll In For A Snack


Josh is a special needs Goldendoodle with cerebellar hypoplasia. But he is the happiest boy.

In this video, Josh uses his custom wheelchair to run to Mom for a snack.


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Once upon a time, there was a boy named Josh, he was happy all of the time. He loved everything and everyone. The beach was his favorite place in the world. Whenever he would go to the beach, he would run and play and smile. One day, someone said to him “you’re different. Your legs don’t work right and It’s hard for you to walk. What are you so happy about?” But Josh didn’t understand because he had no idea that he was different. He felt like his legs worked great and he liked walking on the beach and feeling his toes in the sand. He went back to his mom and asked “is it true? Am I different than everyone else? Do I walk funny?” His mom responded “don’t let anybody tell you who you are or how you feel.” She asked Josh “Do you think there is anything wrong with your legs?” “No, I mean, I don’t think so” he said. She said “what would you change about them if you could?” “Well nothing. I mean, they work just fine. They run and play and skip and hop” he answered. His mom told him “well then, since you know your legs best, I guess you’re right.” He gave his mom a kiss and wandered off to find more friends to play with. He looked out at all the other kids running and playing on the beach. He thought to himself how much he loves playing and making new friends. Right then and there he decided not to listen to what other people had to say about him. He knew all that mattered was how he felt about himself. The end . . . @dispatchmusic @bradcorrigan . . . #belikejosh

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