“I Went To A Dog Fashion Show And Rubbed Shoulders With Some Of The Hottest Dogs In Fashion”

“I Went To A Dog Fashion Show And Rubbed Shoulders With Some Of The Hottest Dogs In Fashion” – 



While September 13 may have marked the end of New York Fashion Week, on September 14, I found myself at a very upscale fashion show in Midtown Manhattan. In a plot twist, the models at this show were not your average crop of Bellas and Kendalls. That’s right: just as NYFW for humans came to a close, NYFW for dogs began.

It takes a lot to get me out of the house, but if any group of animals is going to do the job, it’s a kennel of dogs in costume. So, I made my way to Columbus Circle for a doggie fashion show hosted by upscale pet store Dog & Co. Going with the NYFW tradition of out-of-the-box venues, the show took place at Turnstyle, a mall located underground in a literal New York subway station. (But like, a pretty clean subway station. For New York, at least.)

When I arrived, some of the pups were in wardrobe, psyching themselves up to strut down the runway. Other dogs were in hair and makeup, prepping for their glamour shots to be taken (don’t worry, we’ll get to those gems in a moment). Two larger dogs were savagely attacking each other’s faces with their mouths, reminding me that wait, these were actualdogs, and not fashion models.


As I waited for the show to begin, I rubbed shoulders with Cinderelly, a very fashionable spectator. Cinderelly’s look was hands-down the hottest street style of the evening, and countless humans lined up to meet her.


Suddenly, Florence + The Machine’s song “Dog Days Are Over” started playing, and the dog fashion show began. One by one, the dogs began to strut down the aisles of the mall in pretty darn cute doggie outfits. I have to admit, the only disappointment of the night for me was that the dogs couldn’t walk themselves down the runway. Instead, they were either on leashes or being held by their owners. Tyra certainly would not approve. However, the dog who calmly let his owner glide him around a mall on a skateboard made up for all the other dogs’ inabilities to strut.


As did my one-on-one moment with renowned fashion model Pinky, named after Pinky and the Brain.


Luckily, seven of the models were calm enough to pose for absolutely stunning glamour shots. They were also cooperative enough to provide personal tidbits about themselves.

Without further ado, here are seven of the most powerful dog fashion models in New York City:

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