Whoever Owned This Dog Deserves To Rot In Jail Forever, But Thank GOD For The Happiest Ending!

If this story doesn’t make you want to get invovled with animal rescue, then nothing will.


Rescuing a Dog Who Was Starved to the Brink of Death – Her Recovery Will AMAZE You! Please Share!

Angel is the sweetest puppy who has unthinkably been through major cruelty.

It’s hard to imagine who on earth would do this to such a wonderful pup, but sad to say she was actually starved on purpose. When they looked at her overall condition, they determined this wasn’t an isolated incident and that her starvation had been going on for a while. “Rescue From The Heart” are the angels who rescued this poor pup and have devoted themselves to helping her. Check out the amazing transformation that takes place from when she was initially brought in, and then to her now future and the new life she has been given.

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