Why Parrots Can Talk Like Humans

Why Parrots Can Talk Like Humans –


In a lyrical report for Vox, multimedia producer Kimberly Mas explains how birds can mimic complex sounds due to their fascinating physiology, which is specifically designed for sound. Parrots are especially tuned into communicating from birth. They listen closely and recreate sounds from their flock in the wild. In captivity, the domesticated parrot sees humans as their adopted flock and will try to speak a common language through mimicry. Additionally, parrots are uniquely able to move their beaks to help shape sounds much in the way that humans use their lips.

Parrots are known for their ability to mimic human speech with incredible accuracy. It’s jarring to hear an animal so vastly different from us speaking our language. So how do they do it? Partially, neurology: parrots are wired for communication in ways other animals (including other birds) are not. But it’s largely physiology. Birds are uniquely equipped to make sounds…

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