Woman Is Reunited With Her Lost Dog After Seeing Her On A Beer Can

A woman in Minnesota has been reunited with her lost dog after she saw a photo of the pup on a beer can.

Motorworks Brewing in Bradenton recently teamed up with Manatee County Animal Services to help spread the word about adoptable dogs. One of the dogs pictured on a beer can, Day Day, is going to her forever home, but she wasn’t adopted. When Day Day came through the doors at Manatee County Animal Services, she had a microchip registered to Monica Mathis, but her contact information was out of date. Despite their best efforts, shelter employees could not locate Day Day’s family. Then, last week, Mathis was on Facebook and saw her dog she lost three years ago featured on a beer can.

“I was scrolling pretty much on Facebook and I saw,” Mathis told Fox 13. “I was like, ‘Oh my gosh! That’s my dog!'” Day Day went missing when Mathis lived in Iowa. “I really thought she was gone, I never thought I’d see her again,” said Mathis. “I had a doubt, I was like ‘Oh my gosh, it looks like her, but is it really her?” After Day Day went missing, Mathis said she and her family moved to Minnesota. It’s not clear how the dog made it from Iowa to Manatee County.

Watch the video below.

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