Woman Paints Miniature Watercolors To Show That Beauty Is In The Little Things

Woman Paints Miniature Watercolors To Show That Beauty Is In The Little Things – 

Rachel Beltz has been interested in art ever since she was young – taking art classes throughout school, camps during the summer, and practicing in her free time. Now that she has reached the ripe old age of twenty, she decided to try to take my hobby to the next level.

Her first set of miniature watercolor paintings was created in secret – Christmas gifts for her family. They had fallen in love with these gifts – the looks on their faces had made her feel alive again. Their happiness and joy brought her back into the world of art. These miniatures would be the first step in branching out into the realm of sharing her work- something she had never been comfortable with doing.

To liven up the photographs that she shares on social media, she began adding fun props for size comparison. Something as simple as a coffee bean would show how small her works really were.

Today, she is in love with art. She loves the challenge of creating these teeny tiny pieces with watercolors. So she continues to press on- creating new works every day- with her new found love. She is turning her hobby into a career- and trying to make her artistic dreams come true.

Finding beauty in the little things.

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Woman Paints Miniature Watercolors To Show That Beauty Is In The Little Things


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