Woman’s Post About Dog’s Hilarious Haircut Goes Viral

Lisa Torres said she took her pup, Cheddar, to PetSmart once it reopened for grooming services because he was due for a “much-needed cut.”

Well, things did not go as planned — and this is the result.

“Petsmart finally opened up for grooming so I took cheddar to get a much needed cut from his groomer. A couple minutes later I get a call from her saying she couldn’t do his cut because he bit her twice,” Lisa explained.

“Now I have to walk around with this dude looking crazy. I swear when I say I had tears in my eyes and stomach pains from laughing so hard.

I couldn’t even leave the parking lot for a good 10 minutes because I had to get myself together.

I’m about to give this dude up for adoption. Lol”

Eta: to follow cheddar’s crazy ways. Add him on fb Cheddar Torres

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