You Can Do It! 10 DIY Planters For Your Spring Indoor/Outdoor Garden

You Can Do It! 10 DIY Planters For Your Spring Indoor/Outdoor Garden –



Do-It-Yourself projects are a great way to add some personality to your home. There’s nothing quite like making something gorgeous with your own two hands. You get to enjoy the creative process while beautifying your space all at the same time. Creating an indoor planner is a great way to decorate and bring some of the outdoors in. Indoor plants improve air quality and boost moods. Even if you don’t have a green thumb you can still enjoy a low maintenance plant such as a cactus, succulent or bamboo. Just be sure you chose something that fits your schedule and skill level. No one wants to come home to a bunch of cute planters full of droopy brown leaves.


If you have a few cans lying around and some basic hand tools you have everything you need to create this eco-friendly hanging planter. You’ll need twine, strong yarn, or lightweight chain for hanging. Don’t be afraid to use what you already have, that makes the project even greener. Start by removing any labels from the outside of the can and sanding down any rough or sharp edges. The last thing you want to do is cut yourself caring for your plants. Once the plan is prepped you can customize the outside. Painting can is the easiest and most durable option. A patterned paper could be pretty but you’ll have to seal it to protect it from moisture. After your can is decorated to your taste use a drill to place 4 holes around the top edge of the can at equal distances. You’ll also want to add 3 to 4 holes to the bottom of the can to allow your plant to drain. Now you simply attach your can to whichever hanging material you’ve chosen and you’re ready to plant.


It’s incredibly easy to brew up this If you don’t have an old teacup lying around one can easily be found at a second-hand shop. You’ll need a drill and a ¼ inch ceramic bit with a tungsten tip. Any planter needs adequate drainage for the health of your plant. Simply add a few holes to the bottom of a teacup for a cute mini planter. A matching saucer is perfect for catching excess water and any loose soil. Line these adorable planters up on a windowsill for a precious display.


Everyone loves dinosaurs. They’re big, bold and can make a statement when used in home decor. The best part of this DIY project is the thrift hunt for the perfect dinos. You’ll need a large toy dinosaur that’s hollow. Check your local second-hand shops for well-loved dinosaurs. You’ll be repainting them so you can choose something a little beat up. Once you find your dino you’ll need a can of spray paint, some gravel, and an Exacto knife. You’ll need to cut an opening in the back of your beast. Spray paint him or her to match your decor and add some gravel to the bottom for drainage and you’re ready to plant.


Wheeled carts seem to be enjoying a resurgence in popularity. They offer cute and practical storage but they can be the perfect spot for plants too. Most plastic planter trays can easily fit in a standard sized cart. Use one to line the top tier of your cart and add some gravel for drainage. You can plant all of the tiers or use the lower ones to store the tools and supplies you use to maintain your plants. This is a great solution for plants that don’t require all day sun. You can easily roll it in and out of direct light based on the needs of what you plant.


If keeping lush tropical plants alive sounds like a lot of work then a coffee pot terrarium may be perfect for you. Terrariums can be made from virtually any container that allows adequate light to pass through.

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The level of care required depends entirely on what you plant inside. Simply fill the bottom of a glass coffee pot with a layer of gravel and a top layer of soil. This provides a blank canvas for you to design. You can plant cactuses, succulents and air plants inside. Arrange them with natural items for a decorative touch. This planter will look especially cute in the kitchen.


Finding the materials for this project can be as easy as walking through your backyard. All you’ll need is a chunk of wood large enough for you to hollow out a planter sized area. This can be as small or as large as you like. If you have access to a recently cut tree consider how stunning large planters could look in an entryway. Simply cut out a spot large enough to fit your plant. You may want to carefully burn out the inner walls to add a little strength to your planter. Slices of log or thick branch make a great bae for any planter to rest on and bring even more of the outdoors in.


This project is perfect for small spaces. Using a recycled bag as a planter provides a home for a botanical friend and keeps an unused item out of a landfill. It’s really a win-win. The first step toward creating this adorable hanging pater is to find the right bag. Canvas would work perfectly for plants that require little water like cacti and succulents. You don’t want to soak the plant or the bag to avoid mold. Leather is perfect for plants that require more frequent hydration. You’ll want to make sure you add some holes to the bottom of a leather bag to allow any excess water to drain.


A cup of hot tea is a soothing comfort. Tea lovers know the cute tins that the leaves are sold in very well. They come in every color and style imaginable. When you finish your tea don’t waste that gorgeous container. Drill a few holes into the bottom to instantly create an effortless planter. You can add paint or even fabric to the outside or leave it exactly as it was on the shelf. These tins are definitely pretty enough to stand alone but feel free to personalize as much or as little as you like. A windowsill lined in these sweet tins makes a great display.


This project is ambitious but the final result makes a huge impact. You’ll need two hanging moss panters, zip ties or floral wire and succulents of your choice. Remove the hanging chains from both plant hangers. Fill each basket with soil. Place a flat object such a piece of cardboard across the top of one half. This will help you flip one side onto the other without loosing too much soil. Now place the two baskets together to form a ball and carefully slide ou the flat object. Join each with zip ties for a snug fit. Use an Exacto knife to cut an X through the moss liner of the basket. Push your succulent through. Repeat this process until all of the plants are secure in your sphere. Add the hanging chains back to the top, hang and enjoy.


Have you ever wanted to grow your own herbs? With a collection of mason jars, it’s never been easier. Layer one inch of sand, one inch of gravel and two inches of soil to any glass jar that sits you. Toss a few seeds of your favorite herbs into the soil. Cover with more soil and add some water. You can easily see through the glass to make sure you’re not over watering your plants. These planters are a great DIY with kids. The see-through sides allow kids to watch the roots of their plants reach deep into the soil as they grow.

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